About Meister Cold Storage

Meister Cold Storage seeks to provide superior service to its clients through first-rate expertise and matchless technology.

The facility was innovatively designed by engineers and architects and is led by two highly successful directors and managed by an experienced and diverse team.

Our refrigeration plant is at least 20% more energy efficient than facilities of a similar size because of its pioneering design which reduces our carbon footprint significantly.


Through management and planning of all supply chain related activities, we look to optimise the transport, warehousing and distribution functions. This is realised by coordinating customers, government authorities, service providers and suppliers.

As support mechanisms, we utilise amongst others, high-density racking, real-time scanning equipment, conveyor systems, tracking by weight and wireless connectivity and eight dock-levellers to ensure quick turnaround times.



We offer competitive rates and also take block-bookings to ensure your product is housed in the best possible conditions.